• Welcome

    My name is Karel Zelený and I am a tourism professional based in Prague.

Since 1998, I am in tourism. Started my career as a tourist guide in Prague, enjoyed in the last years working for some of the greatest tourism companies in the world, and now I am also involved as a tourism consultant.

Within the last 21 years, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot within different branch specializations (leisure & MICE) and I would be glad to help you boosting your business and to establish a positive business relationship.

1.) What and why?

I need to know what is your business, what you need and what you want to achieve. In case we will find common ground for a successful cooperation, we will schedule further steps.

2.) Let the numbers rock

I will gather for you all the information relevant to your market situation. I will summarize the status quo and prepare analytical documents which you should use as a base for future decisions.

3.) How to break through

At this time I will present you my thoughts, ideas and ways of possible approach. I will describe to you why I would go on a certain path and why this path should lead to a final success.

4.) We climb the mountain

We have done all the necessary preparation. We haven’t overlooked a single detail and so we are ready to climb the mountain. To the top, where only the best prepared will stand their ground.

Let’s do it together!

Why make things difficult, when it’s easy.


Are you planning a market entry or to strengthen your position? Do you need more insights or a SWOT analysis? I have access to several databases and have contact to premium research companies to be able to present you tailor made analytical data.


Let’s see what we have. A conclusion goes always hand-in-hand with the context of the analysis. Different markets have different environments and without strong background knowledge, the best analysis will not help you moving forward.


Research and evaluation are the very first step. Boosting your business potential will depend on it. I will contract for you local business partners and/or organize PR events to raise the awareness of your product. And I will be happy to help with further steps.

Get in touch

You can call me, you can write me an e-mail or you can fill out this form – and be assured that I will reply to you.

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